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Car Care & Cleaning on Your Mind?

There is nothing quite like a perfectly cleaned car at the start of the week to keep you pepped up! At My VIP CAR WASH, we began with the idea of delivering the best quality car cleaning services to our clients Our motto has always been to provide the best services in class and make our brand stand out among others. To that end, we provide a host of car cleaning and detailing options you will not find anywhere else. Plus, the best prices in town!


Top quality services by seasoned professionals.


A range of service options for all budgets and preferences.


The best prices for car cleaning and care ever!

Bring back your car gleaming like new!

Car Care Done Right is the Best Gift You Can Give Your Vehicle!

Getting the best car care services means your vehicle enjoys several benefits. The first one you get will be from our famous Car Care System’s corrosion resistance effect. With consistent car washing, our pressurized jets will wash away accruing dust and prevent rust build-up. Also, our detailing services will help you touch up on your car and bring out its
best every time!

We Will Give New Life to Your Cars!

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